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We provide a wide range of compliance evaluation, certification and information security related services with an excellent track record and over 20 year's proven experience. We cater to a handful of industries and our customers operate on every continent.
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Gaming Associates is an independent and internationally recognised Accredited Testing Facility (ATF). We offer a full range of expert services to all facets of the online gaming and wagering industry. These include testing services to both regulators and licensed operators with regard to online gambling regulation, governance and compliance.

Our customers include government regulators seeking assistance in developing appropriate gambling and anti-money laundering (AML) regulation and technical standards; online systems vendors seeking cost effective controls for information governance and security; online systems operators seeking approved control systems, quality assurance or systems certification and investors seeking technical due diligence and governance assessment reports during acquisitions and mergers.

Our objective is to exceed customer expectations by providing on-time delivery of high quality testing, auditing services to meet relevant regulatory requirements and standards


Testing & Certification

Our testers have been involved with the interactive gaming industry since the mid-1990s – longer than any other testing team. During this time we have developed comprehensive Interactive Gaming Standards, Internal Controls and Operating Procedures. We offer an international service for the evaluation, testing and certification of Internet Gaming Systems (IGS). This certification provides an assurance to regulators, operators, and players that the IGS is fair, secure, and has been tested to the appropriate standards.

We offer global independent testing services for jurisdictions in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. We can assist you with the following for single and/or multiple jurisdictions:

Pre-Compliance Assessments

which aids in identifying and remediating issues, ensuring games and/or systems function as per design specifications and in accordance to jurisdictional requirements. These tests conducted during development aid in keeping projects inline to requirements and ensure functions are stream lined towards compliance and reduced costs due to re-work.

Our Testing Services

Testing of online gambling systems and games is a core function of our services provided to operators and gaming suppliers worldwide.

Games Testing

Our focus on games testing is meeting client expectations on delivery

RNG & RTP Testing

RNG is the hart of game functionality & player confidence

Platform Testing

Our focus on games testing is meeting client expectations on delivery

Security Audit

Our focus on security reviews and assessments meet client expectations

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